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So as I said on a previous post I forgot to take a single photo Saturday night so the only way I can show you what I wore is by laying it on the floor ha.

Vero Moda Glitter Dress - £19.99 
My dress is from Republic but is actually by Vero Moda. After being let down by a rather annoying e-bayer not sending my items I went into panic mood "S*** I've got nothing to wear for New Years!" I rushed over to MK to find something/anything to wear and found this beauty in the first shop. Now, I'm a true Topshop girl through and through and never really shop anywhere else and usually I'm not the biggest Republic fan but was surprised to find lots of nice pieces in there. This dress has a really nice shape, I love high neck lines especially when you've got your legs out - just the right balance I think. Another plus was the long sleeves which were appropriate for the arctic temperatures of the North!

I also love the cut out back of this dress :)

Snakeskin Tassel Clutch -  H&M
My clutch is from H&M I got it a while back and I believe it was £12.99 (don't count me on that) and my Wedges are from New Look and look extremely dirty in that picture ha, sorry!
Hope you all had a gooden :)

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  1. Beautiful outfit! Especially love the bag!


  2. Oooh I love your outfit, everything is just perfect! That dress is gorgeous, I love the back. Haha, I've been doing outfit posts by laying things on the floor too, I'm too shy to do proper shots! x




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