New Years Resolution...

...Update my blog quicker!
Real New Years Resolution: Pass Driving Test. - asap. because trains are becoming the bane of my life. When you end up sitting next to a dog in a red jumper you know it's time to book a few driving lessons.

Since Christmas I have been such a busy busy bee I haven't even had time to upload a few piccys from over the festive period. I can safely say I have probably never eaten so much food in my entire life (or felt so sick afterwards!) I must have been on the nice list as I was lucky enough to have lots of presents from Santa, what a babe. He brought me some treats from Topshop, a dress I wore a couple of nights ago for NYE, dvd's, money, vouchers and so much chocolate!
I've quite literally just got back from Manchester, where I went for New Year's. I've never been that far north in my life and boy it is chilly up there. Why didn't someone warn me to wear thicker tights?? :( But I had a really good time and got very merrily drunk, so drunk in fact that I didn't take a single photo. Woops. 
I've also had a little dabble in the sales and found a few bargains that I will probably blog about on a later date. Usually I despise riffling through sale racks but it's tough times and I'm not going to turn down boots for £6 :)
But anyway I'm off to beddy bye's here are some photo's from Christmas time
 Happy New Year Bloggers!!

Festive Metallic Nails - FCUK Bronze
Santa's Been
What I wore Christmas Day
CRAPPY quality but whatever!
Scarf - Next
Dress - River Island
Wedges - Not Sure
Bag - Primark
Cider in a wine glass. Classy bird.

Me & the Sis.
Never too old for a stocking :)

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  1. Gosh you are stunning sweet! I agree, NEVER too old for a stocking, it's my favourite part of Christmas :) xo




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