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There are generally two types of girl; one obsessed with shoes and the other addicted to bags. Well I’m the later. I couldn't tell you how many I own, everyday is a constant battle to try and contain them all within the bottom of my wardrobe. My love began when I was given my very first handbag, I was five and it was a beaded Little Mermaid number from the Disney Store! From then on, I can't seem to stop myself. I love the way a bag can completely change how an outfit looks, a simple clutch can make an ordinary outfit look more dressy or something like a vintage shoulder bag can make you feel more chic.
So I was really excited when BagSoBeautiful an online bag retailer sent me this patent snakeskin day bag to review. 

As I've mentioned before in a previous post I don’t do small bags, I take far too much out with me to possibly cram it into something teeny, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that this one is nice and roomy.
I also love the snakeskin effect which is really on trend at the moment, I’ve always been a bit scared of wearing the print as it can sometimes be a bit tricky to get away with but it’s nicely understated and the patent is a nice touch. The black colour makes it easy to go with absolutely everything, which is what you want from a bag you will be using time and time again. Also the handles are braided which makes it a bit more quirky, there are also some gold studs on the bottom so it won't get dirty if you put it down.

Snakeskin Day Bag £19.99 - BagSoBeautiful

It has much appreciated details like a leopard print lining and interior pockets for our phones, lip gloss or if you’re like me a place for a spare pair of falsies (because you never know when you may need a touch of glam!) It also comes with a spotted cloth that you can tie onto one of the handles which is really pretty, I guess if you had some fabric lying around you could keep changing the bags appearance and customise it however you want.

Overall I really like this bag and the price is something you simply cannot argue with, this goes for all of the bags on the site. As far as I’m aware I believe this one is currently out of stock. But if you check out their website there are lots of similar handbag’s which I love too, including some fantastic evening bags and fashion bags.

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  1. I'm definitely a bag girl too - I need to stop buying them!

  2. unrelated, but those jeans fit you perfectly!

  3. I don't do small bags either. I need to fit everything in it-just in case!!

    found the route




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