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I would have called this 'February Want-List', but bad things happened to me after my last one of those posts. It turned into a 'need-list' and I ended up buying almost everything in it... not good for somebody who is supposed to be saving! So instead, I thought I would share items/trends/shops that I am loving at the minute in hope that I can muster some self restraint.

1) Zara have really surprised me with their new collection I had a look on their website the other day and I was so close to buying half the stock. I've never really shopped majorly in Zara before because there isn't a store that close to me and if I'm honest I've not really liked much of there stuff before..? I usually find it quite plain and very 'grown up' but all of a sudden I'm liking it.. a lot! I think this dress is so pretty, I really like the cut out back and the skater style is so cute! The coated trousers in image 8 are also from zara and are called 'sea green'

2) An item from Topshop and it's pastel, Shock. Sorry, but I am absolutely loving pastel colours, I seriously can't get enough and finalllly at the weekend I got my mitts on a pair of mint jeans, yippee. These shorts are something I have been pondering over to buy as I don't have many 'going out' clothes at the moment and I think the colour is so nice! The cropped knit is also from Topshop and they would probably look really great together with some black tights and boots.

3) The New Love collection on ASOS has loads of really cool printed vests/tees/jumpers like this Galactic VestThe blazer below is also from Asos and is £65 (way out of my reach) but the detailing is quite good and the gold buttons are a nice touch.

4) Amazing heels at Office, I am quite literally in love with them. Please somebody get me them (size 5, size 5!!)

5) Matalan I am seriously impressed with you. Their website has some real gems on there at the moment, I think they have really upped their game I used to think a lot of it was very 'mumsy' However this baroque style shirt is really nice and scarf print is pretty big at the moment and this one is only £16. Bargaineous. 

6) I really do want a rucksack like this one I just think if I get one I'll be feeling good parading around the house in it, then as soon as I step outside I'll end up feeling like a complete plonker who should go back to primary school (..a really fashionable primary school may I add)

Now will I be able to stop myself is the million dollar question...
..Probably notttt

p.s if you haven't realised tomorrow is pancake day! ...the best day out of the whole freaking calender, so Happy Shrove Tuesday for tomorrow (do people even say that?!) ha enjoy!

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  1. ahh I've been lusting after the backpack! it's so pretty. x

  2. Just found your blog through insta :) Love it! Following x

    sweet monday

  3. I tried on them pink pastel shorts from Topshop, such a lovely colour! They were a tad see through though xx

  4. The office heels and the cropped jumper are really nice. I wish I wasn't skint
    Strut Mode

  5. I love all of these things, you've got good taste in style! x




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