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I keep seeing this super cute little mint coloured car down my street and I have fallen in love with it! Not that I can drive, but pleaseee someone buy me one its so SS12! On the weekend I went to visit Grandma and she never fails to dissapoint with her cupcakes, this one was cookies and cream mmm :) I thought I would get some more use out of my magnetized nail polish.. I still get amazed every time the holographic pattern appears! This week brought the return of the bobble hat, I thought I could safely throw this into the back of the wardrobe after Christmas, but no, the snow and minus temperatures have made mr.bobble come out of hiding (p.s I think I need a tan)  How beautiful was my walk to Uni on Friday? Pretty much the only day out of the whole three years I have ever though Northampton looked remotely attractive. Costa Coffee, pretty self explanatory I am a caffeine addict. Yep, definitely a food theme going on here, clearly I am a fatty... on Sunday night my house mate and I cooked our very first roast dinner! It was so nice and I'm so proud of us ha master chefs in the making. My bookshelf is rapidly growing, 3rd year of Uni is hard why did nobody warn me! My little arms nearly fell off trying to carry these badboys home. Oh and a cheeky little company mag peeking out there, which I haven't even had a chance to read yet dammit! And finally, I am a little bit addicted to marshmallows, bear in mind this was a huge bag they were all gone after an hour of Take Me Out.

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  1. Love these pictures!!:D Your nails look awsome!!:D

    Stop by some time:D


    Mia's Little Corner

  2. I keep seeing the same car around but in pink! If only we could have one each! Your nails look beaut.

  3. I wish i had instagram! want to buy an iphone just for this app! x




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