Winter Tans

I've been meaning to do this post for a while....
St Moriz Instant Self-Tan is a product I came across by accident and have sent my thank you's up to the big guy in the sky ever since,
Finally my prayers have been answered; I have found a Fake Tan that doesn't go a horrid orange colour, neither does it go patchy or streaky and it doesn't take ages to build up a decent colour. And more importantly its 2 quid!! 
Before this I had always used those tan moisturisers but hated the smell of burnt biscuit. So I started forking out the big bucks for St.Tropez which I can't deny is a good tanner but horrendously priced. This was until I went into BodyCare looking for the new Creme Brulee Vaseline and found this Amazzzzing product. It comes in a Mousse and a Spray, I've tried both and the Mousse just seems to apply easier.
It takes about 2 applications to develop a really nice olive colour, think a 'been on holiday for 2 weeks' glow not 'The Only Way Is Essex Tango'. Plus however you seem to apply it (I use a mitt), it is never patchy.. when showering it off it seems to just blend evenly (magic).
The only disadvantage I would say is, it does smell quite strong. But the positives just out way this teeny drawback.


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