Ebay Love ♥

Seriously where have I been? 
Shamima (a lovely girl on my uni course) suggested Ebay to me.. she's an addict herself you see. Cos well I'm a bit late, well a lot late and I'm probably preaching to the experts, but I am in love with Ebay!!
Ebay has been around for literally donkeys years but I never really got what it was or how it worked.
That was until today..... I won my first item! I feel like such a loser but I was so tense as the little timer counted down ha.
I have been looking for some Embellished Shorts to wear for New Years Eve (I know it's November I'm just too eager) and the one's on Topshop (see below post) are so expensive, I mean £60 is a lot of money in a students world!
So, I checked the little gem that is Ebay and found some, brand new may I add (I thought Ebay was somebody's used riff raff ) for £40 and couldn't really say no to be honest.
So yeah now I am completely obsessed with the website and could possibly end up bankrupt... 

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