Whittlebury Hall - Spa Break

Now I'm not usually one for spamming everyone's news feeds with annoying (and highly sickening) "I love my boyfriend... he's amazing... he is the best thing since sliced bread, blah blah blah" statuses or tweets, but on this occasion I really do need to give the boy some credit :)
Last Wednesday it was our one year anniversary and he had arranged for us to stay overnight at a spa! I had never been to a spa before so I couldn't wait and combined with the stress of 3rd Year University life it was a much welcomed break! We had full use of the spa facilities, a 25 minute back, neck and shoulder massage and a three course dinner. I have to say I felt very Kate Middleton.
I do warn you this is a very picture heavy post which includes mouth wateringly good michelin rated food! 

Our room was the one with the little flags and balcony :) 

In the morning we had breakfast in our room and I seriously did not want to leave this land of luxury! Now I'm back to my crummy student house with dinner consisting of a Pot noodle accompanied by a Kit Kat, oh well it was nice while it lasted.. how the other half live ay!
For anyone that is interested the Spa is in Northamptonshire and is called Whittlebury Hall.xx

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  1. Congrats!! It really looks like the loveliest place to spend your special day! XX

  2. SO cute!!! Aww, we love this. Happy Anniversary! :)

    PS. We’ve an Emerging Thoughts Giveaway! Check it out, if you'd like :)

    ox from NYC!


  3. thats an actual fine dining .... class ,.. very lucky girl .. love ur blog jus discovered it ... x x


  4. The room looks gorgeous as does the food. Hope you had a lovely time. Great blog, now following:)

  5. I occasionally used to waitress at events there when I was at uni! Didn't realise it had a spa though, shows how much attention I pay...

    Laila x


  6. this looks so adorable! Love your blog aswell, just stumbled across it! would love for you to check out mine, ive just started blogging!





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