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I feel like I haven't posted in ages, thanks to being in my final year at Uni I am struggling to find spare time to do anything! If your in the same boat as me you will feel my pain, damn assignments getting in the way.. how rude. 
Anyway, one of my new year's resolutions was to to stop spending so much money on clothes/bags/shoes/general crap so I could save some money for something actually useful like driving lessons. Well 25 days in, that shopping ban & resolution is clearly out of the window as today's post is a Clothes Haul. I've clearly got great financial restraint, naaaat! Although in my defence these clothes have been bought over a number of weeks not just all in one go, and are absolute bargains!! I would have liked to have done outfit posts, but my Uni room/house doesn't really have any appropriate walls to take photo's in front of. boo

Topshop Sequin Peplum Top £18
Not sure of the actual name, so I'm going to call it Topshop Sequin Peplum Top. I got this in the Topshop january sale, which I never usually bother rifling through but was surprised to find this little gem for £18, originally £38. I'm yet to wear this but I absolutely love it, especially the peplum detail at the bottom, it's actually quite a heavy item probably down to all the beading which is on the front and back. I can't wait to wear this with some mint coloured pastel jeans - (which I'm desperate for.) or maybe some pleather leggings for a night out.

...And then a couple of weeks back I went to Primark (I believe this is still stocked) and picked up this Peter Pan Blouse for £10. This is my first 'peter pan' piece of clothing, I know I'm a tad late on this trend but I'm a sucker for anything polka dot so this was thrown happily into my basket.
Primark Peter Pan Blouse - £10
Another item from Primarni, I found these boots in the sale for £6. Yes you read that correctly, six measly pounds. Which I couldn't possibly say no too.

Primark Brogue Style Boots - £6.00
And then on Sunday I took full advantage of Topshop's 20% student discount, because well it would of been rude not to really. And picked up two items I was craving for off one of my earlier posts January Want-List ...I got the studded nude flats for, I believe around £22 instead of £28 and then continuing my love for anything in gold with cross detail I couldn't not buy a pair of these dangley earings for about £3.00.
Topshop Cross Earrings - £4.00

Topshop Nude Studded Slippers - £28
And finally the piste de la resistance, the creme de la creme, the highlight of my shopping un-ban. Last week I did something that I have never done before. I went charity shop' shopping and looking back I am baffled as to why I've never done this before... I visited my local British Heart Foundation and here is where the real treats lied in wait. 

Charity Shop Find - £1.00
I picked up this metallic oversized tee for a pound. I literally couldn't believe it, it's almost identical to the ones I've seen in H&M and River Island as well as looking very familiar to my NYE dress. Too say that I've worn it pretty much everyday is no exaggeration I am in love with it!

I also found this really cute pastel jumper for £2.99 hidden amongst the cardigans and coats and thought it would be the perfect way to add some SS12 into my wardrobe without freezing to death. But I cant actually show you that because Blogger is being annoying and turning it upside down every time I try and upload it.
And that's it folks these are all my new residents in my wardrobe. I don't think I went too crazy?? 

p.s saw this on FB and thought I would share :)

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  1. The primark blouse is gorgeous. I love the detailing.x

  2. hope we will get a topshop shop here in germany soon!!!!


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  3. Oh wow a top for 1pound?! You are one genius bargain hunter!! And I totally love everything you got. I was going to say they are chic..but then your blog

    I've been putting myself on a shopping bang for a while, due to a certain credit card debt!'s so hard D:

  4. The first top is my favourite, that's a bargain for topshop! xxx

  5. What a find!!!! I really want them shoesss so lovely xxx

  6. I love everything! The blouse is just soooo gorgeous though! You managed to last 25 days without splashing out, which i think is pretty darn good tbh! ahaha I'm useless! xxx

  7. The topshop earrings and shoes are stunning :) I've been wanting some for ages! I love your taste xo

  8. The sequin top is lovely! Charity shops are the best too :D

  9. Oooh your peplum top will look GORGEOUS with mint jeans. You have to get a pair! I'm also in love with the studded slipper shoes but sadly when I tried them on they were a bad fit :-(

  10. WOW BARGAIN! So jealous, I never find anything good in charity shops haha :( picked out some lovely bits here!

    Marie x

  11. I tottaly love bargains :D

  12. Love it allll <3

  13. just stumbled across you blog and I love it! I really like your Primark buys very tempted to go have a look tomorrow now!

  14. Love the boots. Can't believe they were just £6! Bargain!^_^




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