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Just recently I made the big jump from a Blackberry Curve to an Iphone 4S, probably my best decision this year. What was I thinking sticking around for BBM when I could have this slick little number instead? 
I am though, absolutely petrified of dropping it. I'm even dreaming about my screen smashing (paranoid or what?) so I've been looking for a cheeky little case for my Iphone to snuggle in. Even if it doesn't protect it, it will still look pretty and a bit more individual..
These are my favourites, how cute is the little snowman!

River Island
Case Mate
They are also ideal stocking fillers/ secret santa presents ;)... *hint hint*

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  1. i love the treibal one most but the snowman is just to cute. i also wanna buy a cute cover but can't seem to find any for my phone as it isn'T an iphone...

  2. Me too I've asked for the tribal case for Christmas, hopefully santa brings me it ha :)

    hmmm you should check Ebay I'm sure if you put in your phone name etc. there will be something! they have everythinggg




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