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TIGHTLY peppered with booming choruses, anxiety-ridden builds, and an array of star-studded vocal contributions (from Plan B, Tempa T, Tinie Tempah, Dizzee Rascal, Clare Maguire, and even Cee-Lo Green), No More Idols is Chase & Status’ definitive answer to those wondering where they’ve been. In all seriousness, this is an aggressive party album – a blend of dubstep with a drum & bass backbone.
Chase & Status are an electronic production duo from London consisting of Saul "Chase" Milton and Will "Status" Kennard. Since the birth of their drum and bass career in 2004, things have been moving extremely rapidly for this duo. 
Although their first album More Than Alot  received the Best Album Award at the 2009 Drum and Bass awards, after only moderate commercial success with their debut, together they agreed that the band should move towards a more pop collaborated style in order to achieve a wider mainstream fan base. After the success of finally breaking into the UK singles chart with "End Credits", featuring up and coming British musician Plan B , the duo stormed it again at with "Let You Go" revealing it to be the second official single to be released from their second album. After the duo's second consecutive Top 40 hit, the pair then released the dubstep-flavoured Blind Faith also from the album, which features Nottingham-born soul singer/songwriter Liam Bailey at the beginning of this year.
The album  kicks off with the jungly “No Problem”, a track that perfectly prepares you for what’s in store with the rest of the album. From the mesmerising vocals in “No Problem”, the Dizzie madness in “Heavy” or just the pure beauty of “Time” (which is probably my favourite track on the album – a great meld of Delilah’s vocals and a smooth d&b soundtrack) No More Idols is a whirlwind of genres memorable melodies, beats and raps.
In my opinion, the meat of this 15 track album lies between the stretches of track 3 to 7, a collection of the more impressive tunes on the album. “Let You Go”,” Blind Faith” and “Fool Yourself” are blood pumping tunes accompanied by cleverly chosen collaborations with Mali, Liam Bailey and Plan B.  “Hypest Hype” is in many ways a very different sound from some of their old material, it combines a heavy drum and bass/dubstep beat along with the undying anger of Tempa T bars. Another great track “Hitz”, a hip-hop/grime infusion showcases Tinie Tempah’s witty lyricism.
This album will appeal to bass heads and pop tarts alike and maybe with a bit of hope convert the latter to the former.

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