Day of Reckoning

After 3 weeks off for Christmas, tomorrow it's back to reality, back to Uni...
What a brilliant couple of weeks off they have been, a lovely Christmas and an amazing New Years Eve! 
Apart from stuffing my face with not one but three Christmas dinners and feeling terribly sick ( hey; its Christmas you have too try and cram an entire weeks food consumption onto one plate) I have absolutely loved being at home. Catching up with family and friends and lazing about in new pyjamas watching one box set after the other without a care in the world ( or more specifically no horrible assignments to worry about) has been great.
I've got used to having everything done for me again though; all my washing, ironing, cleaning and cooking has been done by Mummy dearest so going back to fending for myself will be a bit weird. 
The one thing I really hate about going back and forth to Uni is the packing and unpacking. It drives me insane. Having wardrobes and chest of drawers full to the brim of 'clothes', 'bags', 'shoes', 'you name it' makes it soooo time consuming. I would like to see you try and cram all this into a few suitcases and then into a Fiat Punto!
Oh and I'm dreading, dreading, dreading going back to the gym. Its time to take off the giant Christmas jumpers and Cardigans which have been hiding my greedy tummy and hit the cross trainer. Now it's time to start toning up for summer... this should be fun.

Amanda Rose xo

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